StuReSy 0.5.0

I have just released version 0.5.0 of the sturesy-client and serverfiles

Changelog Client:

  • faulty plugins no longer hinder startup
  • whitespace-bug for lecturenames New Features:

New Features:
Updatecheck in Settings

  • WYSIWYG HTML Editor for Questions (Supports html for question and answers)
  • Question import functions for Sturesyquestions and QTI-Questions – Previewmode

Changelog Server:
Complete UI overhaul, now using twitter-bootstrap.
Allows customizable header and footer


Downloads can be found under:


Preview of next version

A preview of the next StuReSy version can be downloaded here:
Sturesy Preview

It contains the following:

  • HTML-Editor for designing questions and answers with higher flexibility (fonts, colors, images, tables etc…)
  • Checking server for acessibility


  • Question- and answertexts which are too long will be automatically wrapped to two or more lines
  • Faulty plugins will no longer hinder Sturesy from starting
  • Not being able to save files which contain whitespaces