Setup for Onlinevoting

Before you can actually start with an onlinevoting, you will need to head over into the Settings, by pressing the Settings-button in the Mainwindow of StuReSy. Click on the Internet-Button on the left to get to the Internet settings.

  1. If the checkbox “Web-Plugin enabled” is not checked, check it.
  2. Enter the Server-Adress given by your eLearning Administrator. It should look somewhat like this httb://
  3. Enter the Client-Adress the same way you did for the Server-Adress. It should look somewhat like this httb:// (notice the different ending relay.php/index.php)
  4. Select a Polling Frequency. Depending on the speed of your server and your internetconnection you should NOT select a value below 1000 milliseconds. The polling frequency describes in what time-intervals the server gets polled for new votings. An interval of 5000 milliseconds (5seconds) is a good starting value, but lower values like 2500 ms might give a better votingexperience
  5. press “Save” and go to the “Lecture / Passwort”-Tab
  6. Alongside the server and client-adress your Administrator might have given you a “Token” or the login credentials, if not you might be able to generate your own by visiting httb://
  7. If you where given a Token (a 30-60 character cryptical phrase), select “Redeem Token” and enter the token in the appearing field. Press OK, and if all went well, you should see a success-message.
  8. If you were given your user credentials in clear format, click on “manually add Lecture-Id” and place your username and password in the corresponding field. NOTE: you will not get a confirmation- or errormessage if you entered it successfully or erroneous.
  9. If you weren’t given any information you can either contact your eLearning-Admin or try to create your own Lecture-ID by visiting httb:// Here you can choose your own Lecture-ID and Password. Keep in mind that a shorter Lecture-ID is easier to enter on a mobile device than a long one. So if your Lecture name is “Intro to Stuff 2012″ you should consider using “its12″ as Lecture-ID, or “stuff12″. Enter a Password you like. NOTE: Passwords are currently transmitted in cleartext, so rather choose a random password. (This will change in future releases, due to the obvious security flaw). Enter your name and click on “Create”. You should get a Successmessage and a Token. For info on how to use this token read 6.1 above. If you get an errormessage there can be several reasons, you can try choosing another lecture-id name for example, or simply bug your eLearning-Administrator ;-)
  10. Press “Save and Close” – We’re done here, for now.

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