Starting a Vote

If you have successfully completed the 2 previous steps we can now advance to the fun part – the actual voting.

  1. Click on the “Voting” Button in the Mainscreen.
  2. Select a Lecture-ID from the dropdown menu on the top, the first entry “No Lecture-ID” is used when there is no onlinevoting. But you should select the Lecture-ID you just created/entered, possibly “its12″.
  3. Select a Lecture from the left list, and the corresponding Questionset from the right list and press on “Load” (The other two buttons will be discussed later on)
  4. Maximize the Window. (Personally I prefer a fullscreen experience, but thats up to you)
  5. Now you will see the first Question from your Questionset in the middle, if the text doesn’t fit on the screen, right klick it and select “Smaller”. If theres still room on the screen, you can select “Bigger”. (There is currently no Line-Wrapping or auto-stretch functions, this is still a prototype, but such functions are on the todo-list)
  6. Show the QR-Code by pressing the Zebra-Striped-Button. Your students will now be able to use their QR-Reader-apps to get to the correct website. Click on the Image to hide the Code. You should also encourage students to bookmark this page, so the “QR-Image-showing-time” can be reduced over the next couple of weeks.
  7. Press the Start-Button (the black circle with the white triangle)
  8. Wait for the timer to run out, or manually count seconds ;-) and watch as the Votecount in the lower right corner increases.
  9. Press the Stop-Button
  10. Press the Barchart-button and you will see a yellow-only colored barchart. This gives you an opportunity to discuss the outcome prior to showing the correct answer.
  11. Press the green-checkmark-button to show the correct answer in green and all the wrong answers in red. (you can toggle between yellow-only and green-red mode)
  12. Press the Barchart-button again to hide the barchart.
  13. Press the Right-Arrow to go to the next Question.

Repeat steps 5 to 13
Just close the window, when you’re done. It will automatically save the voting-results for later analysis.

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