Creating a Questionset

To create a Questionset you will need to launch the Question-Generator located in the lower left corner of the Mainscreen, depicted by a blue-and-white questionmark.

Follow these steps to create your own first Questionset:

  1. Click on the “+” sign on the upper left side. It will add a new Question to the list.
  2. Select the Question “Q1″ and the right side of the window will become available
  3. Type in a Questiontext
  4. Type in Answeroptions A and B. If you need more than two answers, you can simply activate Answer C by pressing the red button next to the field. By doing so the field will become available and the button will turn green. To activate a later Answer, all previous answers must be activated first. Same goes for deactivating Answers.
  5. If your Question has a correct Answer you can tell the program, by selecting the Radiobutton which is left of the correct answer. If not just leave the “No correct answer” Radiobutton selected
  6. Let’s say you want your students to be able only to vote within a timelimit of 30seconds, then you need to put in the digits “30″ in the duration field. By doing so the Voting will automatically stop exactly 30seconds after you started it (you can still manually stop it). If you don’t need or want a timer, just leave the field blank. But you will have to stop votings manually.
  7. By clicking on the Question- or Answer-Font fields, you can select the Font of either the Questiontext or the Answertexts. This could be handy if you want to use WingDings Symbols as Answers. Otherwise it will allways use the system default font (Times New Roman on Windows, Lucida Grande on Mac)

You can now redo steps 1 through 7 to add more Questions to the current Questionset or you can save it to the harddrive.

To do this you will need to:

  1. Press the save button and a new Window pops up asking for a title of your Questionset.
  2. Place a title inside the Title-Field
  3. If you haven’t used StuReSy before you will need to create a new “Lecture-Folder” by pressing the “+”-Button on the lower left handside. You can group all Questionsets which take place in the same lecture inside the same Lecture-Folder. Choose a name you like, for example “Intro to Stuff 2012″.
  4. Select a lecture folder to assign this questionset to.
  5. press Save and you’re done.

you have successfully created your first questionset and can simply close the Question Generator, or start a new questionset by pressing the “New” Button in the lower left corner.

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